The group also opposes a fresh group of taxes and fees that could affect its membership.

Business concerns concentrate of Obama’s holiday party lobbying Politico: ‘President Barack Obama took on the part of health care lobbyist Mon when he pulled Business Roundtable President John Castellani out of a Light House vacation party and personally urged him to stick with the reform work.’ Castellani said he used the chance to ‘motivate the president to back a package of amendments being offered by freshman Democratic senators aimed at accelerating cost containment measures.’ The ‘Roundtable’s board last week elevated alarms that the price containment provisions in the Senate costs weren’t aggressive enough and wouldn’t normally accomplish that goal.D., University of Manitoba ‘This season marked a breakthrough for CFFAR as it marks the first time that two studies on intervention are funded, and that a scholarly study on usage of solutions for aboriginal victims is funded. We were also thrilled to hear of the full total results of the research undertaken two years ago by CFFAR grantees. Their findings can lead to the development of improved strategies and equipment for healthcare professionals, and improved medical and psychosocial assistance for individuals coping with FASD and their families,’ said Dr. Nadeau, Chair of the Board of Directors of CFFAR. Ian Faris added: ‘As brewers, we are very happy to fund this very important research also to learn even more about the consequences of alcohol on pregnant women and the development of the unborn child.