5mL solution for injection) may be the 1st intramuscular autoinjector for chronic use.

These product enhancements provide potential for a far more tolerable initiation and a less strenuous injection process when compared to AVONEX Prefilled Syringe. It really is our priority to keep to boost our existing remedies like AVONEX, which individuals have relied to treat their MS efficiently since it was authorized in the U.S in 1996, said Douglas E. Williams, Ph.D., Biogen Idec’s executive vice president of Study and Development.Antigene therapy uses light energy to silence gene activity: Review article Antigene therapy is a promising new treatment strategy that uses a DNA-based medication to pinpoint light energy to a focus on gene shutting down it is activity. An assessment article published online ahead of print in Oligonucleotides, a peer-reviewed journal released by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. , describe the mechanism behind antigene therapy in the article ‘Site-Particular DNA Photocleavage and Photomodulation by Oligonucleotide Conjugates.’ They review the development of triplex-forming DNA-based medicines capable of up-regulating or inhibiting gene expression in a highly targeted and selective manner.