Block Imaging acquires Benchmark Radiology Block Imaging International.

Mr. Crawford will oversee the development of the business’s worldwide parts product sales, Flex Service system and the advancement of the business’s service and refurbishment features for global distribution. Block Imaging International, Inc., headquartered in Lansing, MI, USA, has been offering all modalities of pre-possessed and refurbished medical imaging apparatus worldwide since 1997. Block’s complete solutions bundle includes refurbished equipment, funding, interim rentals and task management services. All can be looked at at Block Imaging Parts & Provider, Inc., headquartered in Lansing also, MI, USA offers components and parts for all modalities in addition to a Flex Service Plan, giving end users a cost-effective service alternative.Digestive and genitourinary cancers are relatively rare among survivors more youthful than 20 years, but they become more common over time. Overall, five yr survival rates for childhood cancer patients have made great improvements over the last 40 years and today almost 80 per cent survive. Because of this success there is currently an urgent need to decrease the late side-results of some of these remedies. Dr Lesley Walker, director of malignancy information at Cancer Analysis UK, said: Remedies for childhood cancers possess undergone major changes and so are continually improving leading to the significantly improved survival prices we now see. This essential work can help identify previously those childhood cancer survivors who are at greater threat of developing new cancers.