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Astellas to present positive AGS-1C4D4 stage II data in metastatic pancreatic cancer tumor at ASCO 2011 Astellas Pharma Global Development, Inc recomendations ., a subsidiary of Astellas Pharma Inc. Based in Tokyo, Japan, today announced that it will be presenting data from a phase II study analyzing AGS-1C4D4 in metastatic pancreatic cancer tumor in a poster program at the American Culture of Clinical Oncology 2011 Annual Meeting in Chicago. The study was conducted at Agensys, Inc., an associate of the Astellas global group of companies, which is creating a strong pipeline of therapeutic completely human monoclonal antibodies to take care of solid tumor cancers. AGS-1C4D4 is a completely individual IgG1 antibody that targets the Prostate Stem Cell Antigen on the surface of tumor cells.

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and Medivation, Inc. today announced that Astellas provides submitted a credit card applicatoin for marketing approval of enzalutamide to the Ministry of Wellness, Welfare and Labour in Japan for the treating prostate cancer. Enzalutamide is certainly a novel, once-daily, oral androgen receptor signaling inhibitor. It inhibits multiple guidelines in the androgen receptor signaling pathway, which has been shown to diminish cancer cell development and will induce cancer cell loss of life . This filing software is based mainly on results attained from the global Phase 3 trial and a Stage 1-2 trial executed in Japan..