Campaign buzz: Obama.

Actually, both applicants do want to improve Medicare, recognizing that something must be done to handle the financial meltdown facing the half-century-old healthcare program for the elderly and disabled. Simultaneously, neither wants to wreck havoc on the benefits so dear to the hearts of a demographic group which has a status for showing up at the polls . However, health care experts seem to concur that the political debate is certainly clouding the issue at best . Related StoriesMany old adults have a tendency to overestimate their mobilityOlder individuals more likely to be readmitted to medical center after ambulatory surgeryCost of radiation therapy varies broadly among Medicare individuals with cancerThe Boston World: Future Seniors May See Benefits Tied To Means Examining Mitt Romney wants to save Social Security and Medicare partly by reducing benefits for higher-income recipients.Transplant centers have been lobbying the Republican-led Legislature in recent months to consent to meet in special program to at least temporarily restore the transplant financing . THE BRAND NEW York Times: A group of Texas pharmacies offers filed a lawsuit against CVS Caremark, the country’s largest pharmacy health care provider, saying it violates racketeering and privacy laws. The Texas businesses filed the match Thursday in the usa District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Carolyn Castel, the CVS Caremark vice president for corporate communications, responded, CVS Caremark is confident that its business practices and program offerings.