Says Dr David Harper at the Culture for General Microbiologys Planting season Meeting in Dublin.

With fewer antibiotics open to treat drug-resistant attacks, analysis into bacteriophage therapy provides been accelerated. The price of new antibiotics arriving onto the market will not match the price of increasing drug-resistance. The necessity for new methods to counter such high level of resistance is normally both urgent and essential. New methods shall save lives, stressed Dr Harper. Clinical trials for bacteriophage therapy are actually underway. The first medical trial for basic safety was reported in 2005 and the outcomes demonstrating the potency of bacteriophage therapy had been published in ’09 2009. This scientific trial was carried out by AmpliPhi.‘2010 was an unusually challenging calendar year for our company; nevertheless, we continue to take advantage of the diversified and medically-required character of our portfolio, wide geographic reach and solid financial position,’ stated Robert L. Parkinson, Jr., chairman and ceo. ‘We also executed on our important commercial, operational and organizational strategies designed to enhance our effectiveness, competitive position, and development profile with focus on creating sustained worth for our shareholders over the long-term.’ This year 2010, Baxter shipped record cashflow and returned significant worth to shareholders by means of dividends and talk about repurchases.