Julio Montaner and colleagues in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Antiretroviral therapy as an aid to HIV prevention The widespread usage of highly active antiretroviral therapy may decrease the incidence of HIV in individuals and populations but has been overlooked by public health as a prevention strategy, write Dr. Julio Montaner and colleagues in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Despite developments in HIV treatment such as for example topical microbicides, pre – and post-exposure treatment and male circumcision, HIV infections continue to increase world-wide. Dr. Montaner and co-authors argue that extended access to highly active antiretroviral therapy for patients with a medical indication will certainly reduce AIDS-related illness and deaths and may decrease HIV incidence.It really is advised to take vegetables and fruit which contain soluble and insoluble fibre to improve immunity. The tree ripened fruits can instantly convert into energy. 2. Fruits such as for example pomegranate juice or papaya work in digestion and elimination. 3. Green leafy vegetables increases immunity when blended with herbs. 4. Cabbage and Broccoli are saturated in anti-oxidants and flavonoids. 5. Ayurveda recommends seasonal foods. The wintertime food should be not the same as summertime or rainy foods. 6. The meals including fresh fruits, wholegrains and milk or yoghurt can be rich in nutrients. Berries are saturated in anti-oxidants and its own regular intake is preferred. Herbal substances have anti-aging properties since it is saturated in anti-oxidants.