Affected individual education and medical staff training at the charity medical center.

The program goal is to treat 600 women each year by 2014. ‘This collaboration with AmeriCares allows for AstraZeneca to obtain critical medications to the ladies who require them in Cambodia and helps ensure cancers are detected and treated earlier,’ stated Jennifer McGovern, director, patient assistance programs, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP. An alarming number of Cambodian females die every year due to too little public awareness, limited tumor screening opportunities and the high cost of treatment. Supplying the rural poor populace of Cambodia free solutions is critical because the exorbitant cost of cancer care frequently prevents cancer individuals from searching for treatment.The ongoing work was supported by the Ludwig Institute for Malignancy Research, and by grants from the NIH , the Moores Cancer Middle at UCSD , and by the Catherine and Ben Ivy Basis, the Ziering Family Base in Storage of Sigi Ziering, and the Sontag Foundation. About The Ludwig Institute for Cancers Research The Ludwig Institute for Cancers Research is an international nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the understanding and control of malignancy through integrated laboratory and scientific discovery.