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‘War and agriculture came collectively when the chemicals which were produced for chemical substance warfare lost their marketplaces in battle, and the sector organized itself to market those chemical substances as agrochemicals,’ says Dr. Vandana Shiva, a physicist and environmental activist about the chemical substance violence imposed on the global globe by GMOs and biotechnology, as quoted by TruthOut. ‘The methods themselves are militarized, result from war, including the truth that the only path you can move a gene it doesn’t participate in an organism and you must cross the species barrier – – which can not be crossed by reproduction – – you can only just do it with a gene gun, which is definitely battle at the genetic level, or infecting a plant with malignancy, which is definitely biological warfare.It took only 24 months to build the facility, install the gear and treat the 1st patient, setting a fresh world record in getting this important technology to individuals who could benefit. Their acumen and expertise are of great benefit. That is a momentous occasion that represents a major step of progress in the treating cancer. We are extremely pleased with our partnership with ProCure and the results that it offers generated. said Pierre Mottet, CEO of IBA. IBA provides demonstrated its continuing leadership in the advancement of proton centers and simply as we did following structure of OKC center, we look forward to making this treatment available to more patients even. It takes a genuine team effort to make this happen, stated Hadley Ford, CEO of ProCure.