Blind man sees for first-time with bionic eye It looks like the stuff of research fiction.

Paul Hahn, an optical eye cosmetic surgeon at Duke University, implanted an electric stimulator in Hester’s remaining vision. He linked it to the video camera affixed to special eyeglasses then. Turning this product on enables him to see a whole new world , said Hahn. It isn’t vision as we typically understand it; it’s a complete new type of eyesight for him. Patrick Finnerty of Second Sight Medical Items helped to develop these devices, and said the eyeglasses provide a pixilated kind of vision. The individual essentially has to make an effort to know what those flashes of light mean, and perhaps they could be helped because of it determine in which a window is, light to arrive through the windowpane or in which a doorway is, essentially help them navigate the globe around them.He was really great and I experienced like I didn't need to get worried because he knew what he was discussing, McCormick said. Now, Personally i think back to regular. Before, I was usually great deal of thought and anxious that it could slow me down, nonetheless it doesn't anymore affect me. I could keep playing sports rather than worry about any of it. Benicar and Cozaar are two of the leading angiotensin II receptor blockers . The analysis did not measure the Cozaar 50 mg BID dosage. The BeniVICTOR research, Benicar Efficacy: New InVestigation In the Evaluation of BP reductions beTween Olmesartan and losaRtan in individuals with hypertension, fulfilled its principal endpoint of mean differ from baseline in Seated Diastolic BLOOD CIRCULATION PRESSURE at eight weeks.