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The extensive analysis was conducted in collaboration with researchers from Switzerland, Zambia, Cameroon and Uganda.. Climate change may lead to decline in snail fever The dangerous parasite Schistosoma mansoni that causes snail fever in humans could become significantly less common later on a fresh international study led by researchers from the University of Copenhagen predicts. The results are unexpected because they contradict the overall assumption that climate change leads to greater geographical spread of diseases.Quality Motor A dynamic and high in power electric motor is always essential for a good treadmill as there are solely costly parts fixed in these kinds of units. It should be in your knowledge that just how much power the engine has, in your preferred treadmill. A good motor must be of 2 Preferably.0 HP, and above. A motor having the horse power of 1 1.5 will certainly have to work double than a engine of 3.0 HP, causing an early on damage to the previous one.