By eating more proteins and less carbs.

Another treatment, in preliminary stages still, is a diet saturated in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids . This can be another substitute for control seizures. A diet plan enriched in PUFA shows to greatly help in brain advancement and reduces the excitability of nerve cells that may induce seizures. Additionally, a diet saturated in PUFA will help against the degenerative ramifications of Alzheimer disease. These diets have already been successful to a genuine point, but each has disadvantages with regards to implementation.These individuals need many programs of antibiotics each year to remain healthy frequently. There are several types of immunodeficiency even though some have become severe and life-threatening, most are milder but still important enough to trigger recurrent or severe attacks. General suggestions for determining if an individual may be experiencing too many attacks are: The need for more than four programs of antibiotic treatment per year in children or even more than two occasions each year in adults. The occurrence of more than four new ear infections in a single calendar year after four years of age. The advancement of pneumonia twice over any time. The occurrence greater than three episodes of bacterial sinusitis in one year or the occurrence of chronic sinusitis.