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The total results? Unlike current chemotherapy, the natural bacterias treatment causes just the cancer cells to be destroyed while healthful cells are left unharmed. ‘Clostridia are an ancient group of bacteria that evolved on earth before it got an oxygen-rich atmosphere and they also thrive in low oxygen conditions. When Clostridia spores are injected right into a cancer individual, they will only grow in oxygen-depleted conditions, i.e. The guts of solid tumors.The good reason behind the increases is the new federal health reform mandates, according to Anthem and the state dept. Of Insurance, which is definitely defending its approval against charges by Lawyer General Richard Blumenthal. Those reforms required effect Sept. 23 . The Associated Press/ Quad-City Moments: Illinois is one of nine states with total hospital basic safety data on an online tool patients can use to evaluate quality. The website,, lets users review hospitals to the Illinois ordinary and to the nation’s best hospitals. Infection rates, death rates and rates of blood clots after surgery are among the newest measures reported. Other participating says are Arizona, Florida, NY, NJ, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont and Washington .