A ballooning of the wall space of coronary arteries.

Henry’s team theorized that cocaine might weaken the artery wall and lead to an aneurysm by leading to sharp spikes in blood circulation pressure and harming cells in the internal wall space of the heart’s arteries. Once an aneurysm forms, blood may stream through it in a genuine way that makes it easier for bloodstream clots to form. Those, in turn, may then stop the blood circulation and cause a coronary attack. Dr. Henry said he hoped to collaborate with other cardiologists to help expand confirm the findings by conducting similar research and using noninvasive methods like echocardiography and speedy CT scans to determine when and how often the aneurysms form.Unfortunately, many are unaware that it can wreak havoc on the intestinal tract and cause inflammation of the gut – – aggravating conditions such as IBS, Chron’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Carrageenan can be implicated in lesions and tumors of the intestine and also other inflammatory conditions like arthritis rheumatoid, diabetes and arteriosclerosis. Lobbyists for the additive proclaim ‘food quality’ carrageenan is totally safe, the just culprit is normally degraded carrageenan. What proponents fail to address is the likely conversion of food grade carrageenan into the degraded form during digestion.