Gyms vie for business with amenities like smoothie bars and inventive classes.

Now some chains are also seeking to attract new members with a little help from Hollywood. Tony Hernandez says he was not to visit a real movie theater since he joined Retro Fitness in Maryland three months ago. The gym has a cardio theater – – filled with big screen, surround sound, and treadmill and elliptical machines therefore members can work out while catching a popular film. ‘It actually feels like a cinema except instead of sitting you’re working,’ Hernandez told CBS Information. ‘It distracts you from actually running, which a complete lot of people hate, so you’re just watching a movie and by the time the movie’s over you’ve run like three, four miles.’ At Retro Fitness, the film changes daily.The Independent Travel Companies lining high streets over the continent are under threat from fresh market forces like the internet. Typically, these ITAs are very small and consist of a few branches. Usually, they band with additional ITAs to create a confederate Travel Company Group . TAGging more business These TAGs could compete better if indeed they could capture even more qualitative data about their customers and talk about that data between them.