Botulism Investigation Closes Meals Plant This story was compiled by CBS News Producer Tag Katkov.

On Saturday night time the business also shut down the complete plant for just one week although it investigates the reason for the botulism poisoning. The plant’s 450 workers, under conditions of their union agreement, will never be paid through the closure. Castleberry recalled 10 sizzling hot dog chili sauce items on July 18 after 16 of 17 cans tested were discovered contaminated with botulism toxin. The cans were manufactured using one production series between April 30 and could 22 of the year. The business says the apparent reason behind the contamination is normally that the merchandise was undercooked and for that reason not sterilized. Botulism is a uncommon but serious disease caused by eating foods with the botulinim toxin, a nerve toxin that still left untreated could cause paralysis of the hands, breathing legs and muscles.Utilizing a mouse model, Drs. Meiqing Shi and Christopher Mody and their team noticed that a course of therapeutic drugs currently approved for additional medical uses could quit the fungus from crossing the brain blood barrier and for that reason reduce brain infection. The finding was released this week in the Might edition of the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Related StoriesUK expenditure lacking for pneumonia researchPatients with influenza-associated pneumonia less likely to receive influenza vaccine: StudyStudy displays link between liver-created molecules, pneumonia susceptibility during sepsis We would want to partner with someone and study this further, says Mody, a known member of the Snyder Institute of An infection, Immunity and Irritation and senior author on the analysis While the therapy was tested in mice we think it might ultimately transition to human beings.