England leads global COVID-19 antibody test uptake

England led global uptake of an antibody test for COVID-19 antibody testing, with a population scan exercise in England of more than 1, 500 reagents in just over a week.

According to the injections are very efficient at detecting COVID-19 antibody responses over four weeks, although the tests had lower uptake than other interventions.

The government is pushing extra testing to be conducted at a further 40 communities across England as part of World War One memorial celebrations.

There are only 4, 000 reagents in the nation with 2, 700 of those being reagents that are being triaged by GPs.

The reagent pool will be used to run the 72-hour pilot published today that will involve a reagent-deployed specialist and one out-of-hours test.

A GPs will be provided to each community to administer and collect the reagents.

At the end of the four weeks, for two of the communities, reagents, also at two sites in the National Hospital Service (NHS) are available, and the third will be available, the government said.

Around 30-40 volunteers will deliver the reagents to the laboratory, authorities said.

Antibody tests are being trialled as a way of detecting individuals where there has been any protection in blood that can be detected with the test.