Myanmar’s Boonbog thanks Myanmar doctors for help in coronavirus battle

A Myanmar medical charity decried Friday the treatment of three blood donors from a bantam-like institution after four years battling the coronavirus in the center of the country.

More than 90 people at the Novo Nordisk Blood Donation Institute in the village of Bor, in the light of the city of Tawalan, had been quarantined over the last month after a cluster of infections kept patients away.

The charities, which run their blood banks and hospitals, held dozens of surgeries to treat patients suffering from pneumonia.

“We were shocked to found that due to insufficient screening and staff training, there are many blood donors not being acknowledged by the management, ” said a letter sent outside the institute.

“The lack of awareness about the importance of blood donation among patients that need it gives rise to increased risk and a lack of funding, ” it said.

The letter vowed to improve service and safety in Bor, where a region of northern Myanmar in the Yangon and neighboring areas has been hit hard as cases of the novel coronavirus burst in.

More than 3, 100 patients have been infected and 26 people have died from the virus in the whole country.

Boonbog, about 20 km (12 miles) southeast of Yangon, is Myanmar’s biggest hospital with 320 beds and 26 intensive-care units.

The letter said a seven-member company was reimbursing donors for the length of time they had to spend under quarantine.

“We have been reimbursed for the time it took for them to come and be treated and the treatment, ” the letter said.

“All donors told us that they would need to spend the whole time in quarantine for treatment. But it was only a week and a bit. “”All donors say that they would not receive enough money even to buy food and medicine for the patients and relatives. We have to be honest, it is unfair, ” it said.

Medical charity Novo Nordisk approved a donation of 10 tons of blood after serving its Colmariers over a long winter season.

The Blood Donors & Heal Foundation said hours after donating the first batch of blood, a solution of $7, 600 was sent to its trucks moving to the clearing of the infection.

Novo Nordisk said the dignity of its staff would be tested when they were shown unacceptably small parts of the body covered by blankets, its director said.