Post-COVID-19 France sees worse than normal death rate

The death toll in France filed for the first time on Sunday from the COVID-19 respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus rose by 346 to 24, 518, the health ministry said, with the number of reported deaths declining by 391.

If the number of deaths cuts down sharply it would remain the worst monthly death toll since the national lockdown in March, but would still result in a net rise in the number of cases in July.

The ministry said it had decided to file the first contributions to the number of people who had died from the epidemic – 2, 385.

The ministry did not provide a tally of all those who had died.

The ministry on Sunday forecast an increase in cases of 107 in 37 days to 195, 448, but not taking into account an additional 2, 638 cases detected in nursing homes, bringing the total number of reported deaths to 31, 402.

The ministry said it had recorded 3, 295 cases in nursing homes and was monitoring 45 in intensive care units – a 27% increase since May 18.

Before Sunday, France had seen no new cases during the 7-week period, though in the past three weeks it has recorded between 1, 200 to 31, 000 new cases, far below an average of 6, 000 a day over the past four to eight weeks, it said.