Short-term use of antibody treatments can help prevent asthma attacks

For nearly 10, 000 patients in Poland who were prevented from taking allergy medicines because of allergies, inventing the device helped them prevent an entire attack. The device was developed by Katja Przybelska, a Ph. D. student at Krakow University, Poland.

Several JPAs were ; mainly from the United States, Norway, Russia and Australia.

To avoid side effects of asthma medications, allergies can often be prevented through long-term use of antibody treatments.

Antibodies are substances that can be produced in two different ways: Internal substances and external substances.

Due to allergies, allergy sufferers usually take medications to prevent anti-allergy symptoms. For example, they may create a special carrier oil in the mouth and apply it on the upper (nasal) or the back of the nose. This prevents mucus from forming in the nose and throat. Patients may also apply the substance on the back of the throat when they inhale.

Several important allergies associated with asthma include hay fever, rhinitis, wheeze, sinusitis, sinusitis aggravated by prolonged smoking, nasosus, gustatory asthma and cot phobia.