Can cannabis help treat seizures?

While medical marijuana has helped some people with conditions like chronic pain or chronic pain with multiple sclerosis, little research has explored whether it might help people with epilepsy. A new study shows that a short-course, low-THC cannabidiol (CBD) dietary supplement appears to reverse seizures in mice, but that the treatment didn’t work as well as access to cannabis through medical marijuana programs.

“We are presenting results from the first randomized, double-blind randomized clinical study of CBD for the treatment of acute myoclonal myopathy (AM)-;an aggressive form of epilepsy that affects like 20-30 percent of people over the age of 40. They are using CBD capsules in the form of an oil (out-of-competition) to treat a form of chronic myoclonal glioma (CGN) -;which is typically difficult to treat and is resistant to long-term maintenance treatment. ” said Reach Rehman, Ph. D., senior author of the study and executive director, Global Alliance Integrative Medicine.

Rhythmic nausea and vomiting have been shown to be common features of moderate-to-severe AM-;an autoimmune disorder with changes in the brain primarily affecting a part of the central nervous system called the midbrain called the thalamus. Gaining insight into how the effects of AM-like symptoms change over time could offer insight into how to treat them.

“We believe that the study showed that in the treatment group, the treatment with CBD, the one that worked best, worked best using a formulation of CBD given intravenously to the mice. We saw no reduction in the dose of CBD on the animal side in exchange for a lower dose of CBD in the liver. This severely mimicked the effect of topical steroids in humans2, ” Rehman said.

The treatment also appeared to work as well as the medical cannabis supplements that are given to epileptic patients that were designed for effects on peripheral blood as well as the brain.

“This study would suggest that, contrary to popular belief, when treating AM-like inflammation with CBD, serum levels are significantly lower. It also suggests that, in individuals with cancer, treatment with CBD is multifaceted in that it can affect both internal and external pathologies and has potential to modulate tumor growth. Finally, it suggests that, in a very small number of patients, CBD may be used to treat AM-like episodes. ”